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A Watercolour Journey


Celebrating over 50 years of living and working in the English Lake District, artist Phil Hobbs invites us to accompany him on a journey through this unique part of the world, retracing the steps that over that same period have provided the inspiration and the material for some of his best known works.
Portraying the interaction between the local people and the landscape has always been an important element in his work and as well as giving a human aspect to his paintings, this connection has been the source of many an amusing anecdote, some of which he shares with us here.

Illustrated with over 240 of his remarkable drawings and paintings, across 176 pages, many taken from the sketchbooks that Phil has kept throughout his professional painting life, this volume gives an insight, not only into the working life of the Lake District but also that of the artist. There are six hand drawn maps plotting the painting locations that have been key in providing the creative spark behind the work of one of the UK’s foremost pure watercolour painters.

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