CASEY ALLUM: Coming Home – the Langdale Collection, September 9th to October 1st 2023

We are thrilled to be showing this  exhibition by Casey Allum. Casey is a self-taught portrait artist and illustrator with a phenomenal eye for animals in particular. Although Casey now lives in Scotland, she was born and grew up in Langdale and this new collection will reflect and be inspired by her childhood there. The exhibition features a new collection of greyscale oil paintings, created solely for this exhibition to mark not only Casey’s admiration for the Cumbrian wildlife but also the simple draw one feels for ‘coming home’.

LIBBY EDMONDSON REMEMBERED: May 26th to June 18th 2023

We were honoured to host this very special exhibition. It celebrated and remembered the enormously talented local artist, Libby Edmondson, who sadly passed away in 2022. Libby was a very well-known artist who worked for many years as a sculptor before turning to painting 20 years ago. OCG was privileged to exclusively represent her original paintings during this time.

SARAH & DAVID CEMMICK: True to Form, from March 5th to 26th 2022

This exhibition saw the return of David Cemmick, in collaboration with his equally-talented wife Sarah. They  developed a new collection of work titled ‘True to Form‘ centred around the iconic March hare.

DAVID CEMMICK: Gorilla, from May 29th to June 13th 2021

David is a very well-respected wildlife artist, renowned for his work on endangered species and habitats. This new exhibition was a mix of sculptures, drawings and paintings focussing on gorillas and gave an evocative portrayal of these magnificent creatures.

FAY COLLINS: A Return to Nature, from September 19th to October 3rd 2020

For this exhibition we displayed a beautiful new collection of work by Fay Collins, in her exhibition ‘A Return to Nature’. The exhibtion ran from September 19th 2020 for two weeks. All the paintings were evocative representations of the landscape around the Ambleside area, in oils on board. Although ths exhibition is now over, we still feature Fay’s work in the gallery and you can see her latest paintings here.

THE LAKE ARTISTS SOCIETY: Members’ Special Exhibition, August 22nd to September 5th 2020

We were very happy to host this very special exhibition of works by the members of the prestigious Lake Artists Society. Sadly, the Society’s usual highly-regarded Summer Exhibition had to be cancelled due to the COVD-19 outbreak. The Summer Exhibition has been a fixture of the Lake District Arts calendar for many decades and previously only paused for World War II.

Ambleside, Inside & Out, 27th April – 11th May 2019

Dawn Gabrielle Chandler, Philip L Hobbs and R Martin Tomlinson

Dawn is well-known for her ShelfLife paintings but for this exhibition she returned to a medium, pencil, with which she began her art career over twenty years ago.

Daniel Cooper – Northern Sights, 15th September – 7th October 2018

A solo exhibition of original art and limited edition prints by Daniel Cooper

Phil Hobbs, A Day in Venice, 21st October – 5th November 2017

“I am always slightly envious when someone tells me that they are planning to go to Venice for the first time. Although I have visited that unique city many times, nothing could have prepared me for that first visit. Nor has anything since come close to that initial revelation” – Phil Hobbs