THE LAKE ARTISTS SOCIETY: Members’ Special Exhibition, August 22nd to September 5th 2020

We were very happy to host this very special exhibition of works by the members of the prestigious Lake Artists Society. Sadly, the Society’s usual highly-regarded Summer Exhibition had to be cancelled due to the COVD-19 outbreak. The Summer Exhibition has been a fixture of the Lake District Arts calendar for many decades and previously only paused for World War II.

Although the normal full exhibition with multiple new works from the Members and selected Guest Artists couldn’t go ahead, we offered our Chambers exhibition room for a smaller event. As long-time attendees of the Societies’ shows ourselves we were keen to do something to help out and avoid a total cancellation. We therefore hosted this exhibition of one or two works from each Member, with all proceeds going to the Society and its artists.

Below is the list of members who exhibited:

Ceri Allen
Christine Baine
Catherine MacDiarmid
Kate Bentley
Angie Mitchell
Marion Bradley
Rebecca Naimski (Darbishire)
Dawn Gabrielle Chandler
Rebecca Payn

Kevin Chester
Annie Peaker
Danny Clahane
Janette Phillips
Fiona Clucas
Vivienne Pooley
Stephen Darbishire
Hideyuki Sobue
Mark Gibbs

Alan Stones
Rachel Gibson
R. Martin Tomlinson
Susan H. Glassford
Graham Twyford
Gordon Griffiths
Elizabeth Walsh
P.L. Hobbs
Ian Walton

Janet Kenyon
Ralph Wardle
Marion Kuit
Michael Wilson
Tracy Levine
Judith L.Wood
David Macaulay
Beverley White