We welcome new artists

We welcome applications from new artists, whether you are looking to partner with a gallery for the first time or are an established artist wanting to expand. We are always looking for fresh art and craft that will excite and tempt our visitors!

All submissions will be acknowledged as soon as possible, though do bear with us as we often receive several each week.

Artist submissions

To help you, it is worth noting these points:

  • Please submit by email to gallery@ocg-arts.com, as we are unable to accept in-person submissions
  • Your email should ideally include a selection of images of your work and/or a link to your website or social media. A short biography or artist’s statement is always helpful, as is some information about the range of sizes and prices
  • Please let us know which galleries, if any, you are already represented by
  • We unfortunately do not feature photography or prints, though one-off and limited-edition orignal printmaking is very welcome

If we feel your work could be a good fit for the gallery, we will invite you to meet us and show it to us. Usually this is at the gallery but if circumstances allow may be at your own studio. We most often work on a commission basis, though for certain types of work other arrangements may be possible.