Painting by Julie Dumbarton

Julie Dumbarton

Painting by Julie DumbartonWe have been followers of Julie Dumbarton for a while now and when we learned that she had moved back to Cumbria, we were keen to bring her vibrant oil paintings to the gallery. Julie is well-known for the exceptional richness of the colours and tones in her work. What makes her work so special is that she makes all her paints herself. Rather than use any commercially-available options, she creates her own pigment mixes from scratch. This allows her both more freedom and more control, leading to the intense colours that characterise her work.

By her own admission Julie is obsessed by colour, always striving to show the subtle details that we all see but often go unnoticed. Her paintings express the tension between abstraction and representation and the duel between techniques and moods. Her own view is that they are illustrations of feelings, being dreamlike and nostalgic yet contemporary.

You can read more about Julie Dumbarton and see our stock of her oil paintings here.