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Drift 23 by Gregg Anston-Race
Eros 23 cm £58.00
Eden 23 by Gregg Anston-Race
Eden 23cm £58.00

Okeanos 37cm


Okeanos – Blue, Turquoise & White Kiln Formed Glass Bowl: 40 x 7 x 40cm.

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Handcrafted in Cornwall using a unique flow glass technique which has been developed by Gregg, this bowl has been fired twice in a kiln. Once to fuse the layers of glass together and a second slump firing to form the bowl shape.

Inspiration for this design has come from the dramatic scenery of the North Cornish coastline, hence the name Okeanos – Titan of the sea from Greek Mythology

Every single piece is completely different and unique, this bowl has already been made and you will receive the exact bowl pictured.

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