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Axe Two


Sculpture measurements: 17 x 80 x 9cm.

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‘The second in a series of two pieces of ‘Sculpture in Rust’,
created Autumn 2019. The item was found on a Dorset beach along with a similarly decomposed piece.
Entitled ‘Axe’ as many people’s first reaction is to ask if it’s an axe!
During the Second World War scaffolding structures were built on vulnerable beaches in Dorset to make landing troops almost impossible for the enemy. These steel frames were rendered redundant at the end of the war and were dismantled and removed from the beaches, however, some remnants can still be found. Axe Two is a scaffolding clamp with a small section of scaffolding pole still attached. Years of salt water and trauma have reduced a once useful item to the encrusted form seen today.’

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