Sonya Wilkins qualified in ceramics with a BA (Hons) in 1995. Since 2014 she has blended her love of nature with clay to produce unique leaf tableware and sculptural vases. Her pottery is based in Bleadon Village, North Somerset – just a short walk to forage the foliage that inspires her work.

In 2020 Sonya’s pond lily leaf dishes were used by Niall Keating, Executive Chef at Whatley Manor on BBC2’s ‘The Great British Menu’. Since then her work has also been aired on ITV’s ‘Love Your Weekend’ hosted by Alan Titchmarsh.

Sonya Wilkins has always enjoyed using mixed clays and porcelain in her creations. She was inspired by the work of Ewen Henderson at college and this influence can be seen in her work. Her signature collection of vases is thrown on the potter’s wheel. Varying layers of clays are used to encourage fissures to appear in the structure. This reminds us of the contortions we see in old trees, bark and skeleton leaves.

Fibonacci fern bowl medium
Fibonacci fern bowl medium
Fibonacci fern vase
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