From his Yorkshire studio, Ollie Holman creates spectacular sculptures of horses. Much of his work is in bronze and other metals, including life-sized works constructed from horseshoes, but we are delighted to feature Ollie’s latest work which branches out into bronze resin and plaster. Based on his popular limited edition bronze castings, these bring a new feel and a new audience to his designs.

The main intention in Ollie’s work is to capture the essence and spirit of horses and figures. His pieces are uniquely sculpted through handcrafting and welding metal panels into form. Doing this has honed Ollie’s ability and style to sculpt only what’s needed. The result is a beautifully composed work that delights and wonders from every angle.

Grace Bronze Resin Editon by Ollie HolmanGrace Bronze Resin Editon by Ollie Holman
Grace Plaster Editon by Ollie HolmanGrace Plaster Editon by Ollie Holman
Flaring Horse by Ollie HolmanFlaring Horse by Ollie Holman