Jenny Ryrie is a contemporary British artist specialising in watercolour and works on paper. Her lyrical abstract and semi-abstract paintings are characterised by saturated colour, translucency and calligraphic line.


Her main themes relate to the mysticism of the natural world and the emotional experience of music, dance and poetry.

Her working method combines an intuitive and expressionistic approach with a profound understanding of technique, following many years of experience exploring the watercolour medium. With this knowledge she pushes the boundaries of an otherwise traditional discipline, using broad flooded washes, spatter and drip effects, deliberate ‘backruns’, ‘blooms’, feathering and overlapping translucent layers of colour. The potential of the medium is extended further by the introduction of mixed media (acrylics, pastels, conte) to add depth, texture and opacity.


This facility leaves the artist free to work on each painting instinctively, externalising a state of consciousness into a rich pictorial vocabulary underpinned by formal composition and technique

Jenny Ryrie