Jacqui Bassett is an oil and cold wax painter based in the English Lake District. At its core, her work explores the emotionality of the land, seas and skies of our British Isles.

Jacqui paints intuitively, guided far more by how a landscape is experienced than by what she physically sees before her. Back in her studio she allows the painting to find its own way out, working with it to search out the opportunities it gives whilst breathing back into it the experience of being out in the landscape.

For Jacqui, to paint is to attempt to illustrate the powerful and complex relationship we have to our wilds.

All in one Day by Jacqui BassettAll in one Day by Jacqui Bassett
Estuary's Closing Moodby Jacqui BassettEstuary's Closing Moodby Jacqui Bassett
Copper Lights by Jacqui BassettCopper Lights by Jacqui Bassett
Let it Begin by Jacqui BassettLet it Begin by Jacqui Bassett
Ocean's Reach by Jacqui BassettOcean's Reach
Skylight 1 by Jacqui BassettSkylight 1 by Jacqui Bassett