Frank Gordon is a lifelong artist based in Giggleswick in the Yorkshire Dales. Starting out age fifteen by studying at Bolton College of Art, he then embarked on a thirty-year career as an art teacher. He is a committed landscape painter, working with the full range of media, though oil is his favourite.

Frank uses directly-observed drawings and supplementary photographs from his many hikes & rambles as the starting point for his paintings. His memories and imagination works on these back in his studio, creating finished paintings that are a fine balance of those intense first-hand experiences and more painterly aspects of colour and form.

I try to recapture the feeling of being amongst the hills: experiencing their flickering light, flying cloud shadows, buffeting wind, rainwater on the face . . . while never forgetting that behind these fleeting sensory assaults lies the enduring rock, solid and unyielding under my feet. This collision between the ephemeral and the eternal is a good subject for a painter.” Frank Gordon

Aira Force by Frank GordonAira Force by Frank Gordon
Cathedral Cave Revisited by Frank GordonCathedral Cave Revisited by Frank Gordon
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Dow Crag across Goats Water by Frank GordonDow Crag across Goats Water by Frank Gordon
Easedale a winter morning by Frank GordonEasedale a winter morning by Frank Gordon
Sharp Edge from Bannerdale Crags by Frank Gordon
Stock Ghyll Force by Frank GordonStock Ghyll Force by Frank Gordon
The view from Tarn Crag by Frank GordonThe view from Tarn Crag by Frank Gordon
Where the fells meet the sea by Frank GordonWhere the fells meet the sea by Frank Gordon