Barrington Loines is probably better known for being a landscape artist now. However many people will know him as a wildlife artist of big cats and elephants etc.

“I have always sketched and painted and sold works since being in my teens. I received a BA Hons degree in 3D Design and spent most of my working life as an interior and furniture designer. Developing my skills as an artist really came from my continuing passion to paint.

Although I appreciate a wide range of art styles, photographic realism is what I aim to achieve with all my work. However in each piece I strive to create a mood or story to hopefully engage the viewer to be more interactive with the painting. For me the painting needs to be inviting almost enticing the viewer to step through the frame….to interact or be a part of what they are looking at.”

Barrington became an official artist to The National Trust in 2019, with the task of painting six scenes of their chosen properties. The first property was Cliveden Berkshire, seven miles from Windsor. After Cliveden the next subject was Stowe Estate near Buckingham and then onto the beautiful Wimpole Hall Cambridgeshire.

Catbells in the Mist by Barrington LoinesCatbells in the Mist by Barrington Loines
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