Jo Vincent is a local designer and maker of glass. Her Lakeland Collection of fused glass is inspired by the ever-changing Cumbrian landscape. Jo’s fused-glass art evokes both coastal areas and estuaries as well as the fells and mountains. Her work reflects the geology of the area and the fleeting shifts casused by seasons, tides and weather. These elements come to life through the subtle colours, strong accents and tactile surfaces of her pieces.

Jo has over 15 years of experience in fused glass design. She is renowned for her architectural work as much as for her artistic creations. Traditional hand made glass processes ensure that each piece of glass produced is unique. Through combining these processes with new technologies such as water jet cutting and LED technology, Jo has placed herself at the leading edge of the industry with the ability to create pieces that can transform any internal or external space. Jo Vincent Glass Designers is based in Kendal, Cumbria.