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Poppy Fields II


Original freeblown glass sculptural bowl, 9.5 x 10cm.

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Imaginary Landscape Collection

First Adam chooses a palette of powdered glass colours. Next he lays them out so he can use these to reflect a landscape that he finds inspiring.

He applies layers of pure silver leaf, delicately adding the powdered colour, to create a soft luminosity. So at this point the silver becomes a canvas, because the colours will melt onto it. This helps to create the effects of light reflecting on seascapes or forest scenes, or perhaps a change in the seasons or dramatic skies.

The colours melt into the surface by a process of heating and reheating and this builds up unique tones and texture.

 The reflections  will change depending on where you place it. On a windowsill it will change throughout the day with the changes in daylight. It doesn’t need special lighting.

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